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Controlling Drunk Driving and Speeding Using RF and Alcohol Detection Sensor Technology

Controlling Drunk Driving and Speeding Using RF and Alcohol Detection Sensor Technology

This proposed system attempts to address the flaws of the current system by employing cutting-edge technology to prevent road accidents caused by speeding and intoxicated driving. The system includes an RF module, a MQ3 alcohol sensor, and a microcontroller that measures the vehicle's speed as well as the driver's blood alcohol level. Following the processing of the data, the system inhibits ignition if it determines that the driver is intoxicated, and it automatically adjusts the speed of the vehicle to meet the posted speed restriction if it determines that the driver is over the speed limit.

Components Required

1. MQ3 Alcohol Sensor: To determine the driver's blood alcohol content, the MQ3 sensor is employed. This gas sensor picks up on ethanol, which is the main ingredient in alcoholic drinks.

2. RF Module: The RF module wirelessly transmits data between the vehicle and the system's control center. Data can be sent and received at a distance of up to 100 meters with it.

3. Microcontroller: The general operation of the system is managed by the Atmega 328 microcontroller. It uses the information gathered by the MQ3 sensor and the RF module to process the data, regulate the speed of the car, and stop ignition as needed.

Working of the system

The RF module is used to first determine the vehicle's speed in order for the proposed system to function. After comparing this data with the posted speed limit, the system automatically adjusts the vehicle's speed to comply with the restriction if it detects that it is over it. The MQ3 sensor detects the driver's blood alcohol concentration simultaneously. The device forbids ignition if the level is higher than the permitted limit, and the car cannot be started until the driver's blood alcohol content falls below the permitted limit. If the driver's blood alcohol level is below the legal limit, the system allows ignition and the vehicle to start. To avoid accidents, the system will notify the driver and automatically adjust the speed if the driver's blood alcohol content is higher than the permitted limit while operating a vehicle.


The proposed system provides a dependable and effective method for reducing traffic accidents caused by speeding and drunk driving. The system uses advanced technology to properly monitor the vehicle's speed and the driver's blood alcohol percentage, and it automatically controls the speed to comply with the posted speed limit and prevent ignition if necessary. We hope that this system will be expanded to a larger area in the future because it has the potential to significantly improve road safety and save countless lives.

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