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Swimming Pool Monitoring System, Save a kid from drowning - Arduino project with IOT

Swimming Pool Monitoring System, Save a kid from drowning - Arduino project with IOT

The objective behind designing this swimming pool monitoring system is actually based on my commitment that during the ongoing summer and during the summers coming ahead, we do not have to let any child drown. So, you are requested guys to share this content as much as possible, so that more and more people come to know about this useful system. this project has been selected as the best of the final year project in 2022.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 390 deaths a year on average are attributed to drowning in a swimming pool.

The majority of the deaths occur during the months of June, July, and August, mostly in the backyard pools.  If this is the situation in a country like the US, where everything is so systematic, just imagine for yourself what will be the kid’s death rates due to drowning incidents throughout the world.    As an engineer, I consider it my duty to devise a kind of system, which may prove helpful in the protection of any precious life, so, I will go ahead and definitely work on the accomplishment of this cherished obligation.

Swimming Pool Monitoring System, Save a kid from drowning- IOT project with Web system

A lot of people, mostly the parents, usually enquire about how to save a child from drowning and how to keep their kids safe at the pool? Well, you have two options for this. 1). As a precaution, you can build a sort of barricade around the swimming pool to keep the kids away, and 2). You can make a smart swimming pool monitoring system to alert the parents when there is any kind of activity in the water.

With this new system, we developed when their child is in the water the parentss will get notification and alarm will be on, so that they can save the child as quick as posible  

This project, measure the quality of water and let it out using water valve if water not clean and replace it. we used heater in this project to let water stay warm, when water is cold heater will make it hot but not too hot because when is hot the heater will also stop heating.

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