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Two way communication smart meter for smart grid application

Two way communication smart meter for smart grid application

The project aims to design and prototype a two-way communication smart meter for smart grid applications using Arduino Uno, voltage sensor, relay, power supply, regulator, PCB, buzzer, and GSM module. The proposed system will monitor the voltage level of the power line and provide real-time information to the utility company (REG) in case of overvoltage occurrences. Additionally, the system will autonomously switch off the power line to protect the connected devices from damage caused by overvoltage.

By utilizing the Arduino NANO microcontroller, the voltage sensor will continuously measure the voltage level of the power line. When an overvoltage condition is detected, the system will trigger the relay to disconnect the power line. Simultaneously, it will send a notification message to the utility company (REG) via the integrated GSM module. This real-time communication enables the utility company to promptly address the issue and take appropriate actions to mitigate potential risks.

To ensure the stability and reliability of the system, a power supply and regulator will be incorporated to provide consistent and regulated power to the components. Furthermore, a PCB (printed circuit board) will be designed and fabricated to facilitate the integration of the various components, ensuring a compact and organized system.

In cases of overvoltage, the system will also activate a buzzer to provide an audible alert, indicating the occurrence to the users in the vicinity.

Overall, the proposed design and prototype of the two-way communication smart meter will enhance the monitoring capabilities of the smart grid system, improve the overall safety of power distribution, and establish a proactive communication channel with the utility company to prevent potential damage caused by overvoltage events.

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