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ANDROID E-VOTING Mobile Application project

Between two people who are moving together, one led the other. This proverb shows us that the idea of leadership is inside of us, since the beginning of the world. That is why people choose who is going to lead them in his/her responsibilities. This choice is done by using votes. There are many people who need to stay at their work instead of going in voting because they spend much time there without earning anything. This makes some of them refuse to go there, then their voice becomes countless. There exist long lines of people who are waiting to vote. That’s why we delay at voting sites waiting whether us to get to the top of the line.

There is also a problem of age where the older person does not have enough potential for going to the voting site. That person should use their handphone for voting because their voice also counts for those who voted. The same as those who have a disability also their bodies are weak so any activity that requires movement becomes hard for them.

The stage of leading people is one of the most needed posts for many people, and that is why some people use cheating voices, in order to get leadership posts. They use the identity of the dead person and a one-person vote more than once.

The prepared android system for voting "ANDROID E-VOTING" become the answer for those who want to stay in their activities and only have a few minutes for pushing their phone button. The system also checks the identification of whether the candidate for voting is still alive and provides the voting code. This will avoid those who use the identification of a dead person. The system also will count itself the voice according to the identification provided. This will reduce voice cheating. As long as the system is android based, it is for both older, young, and those who have disabilities.

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