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Doctor Appointment Booking and Live Chat App - Mobile Application Project

Doctor Appointment Booking and Live Chat App - Mobile Application Project

Many fatal diseases can be avoided or treated successfully if caught early enough. However, because they are mild, early illness symptoms are frequently disregarded. Additionally, the virus has already spread throughout their body by the time they become aware of the illness. Therefore, it is always advised to have frequent physicals in order to prevent health problems in the future. However, patients frequently find it impossible to travel in person to make a medical appointment due to their daily busy schedules. It causes a delay in the therapy and could later result in a serious health issue. The Android-based smart program called the "Online Doctor" described here will assist users in diagnosing diseases based on their symptoms.

When a patient submits their symptoms, the program uses specially created algorithms to determine the condition. The system will then provide a list of doctors with knowledge of that specific ailment depending on the disease that has been discovered. The patients can schedule an appointment with the doctors for the time and date of their choice. In order to receive consultations, patients can also talk with a doctor. The administrator of this system has access to information on doctors, patients, and diseases as well as the ability to view or manage patient feedback.

Additionally, it handles all of the data pertaining to the doctor's appointments, fees, and schedule. To monitor and stay current on the patients' health situation, the doctor can communicate with them directly. Patients can identify their ailment by entering the symptoms they are experiencing, and they can also stay current on emerging diseases and their symptoms.

doctor appointment booking momile application

The user or patient can schedule an appointment if they have one of the conditions. Advantages Doctors can manage their schedules and appointments. Patients can stay informed about any new diseases and their symptoms. Through in-app chat, the doctor may monitor the patient's health Limitations The project's outputs will be impacted by incorrect inputs. Internet access is required. If the server is down, the user with an Android mobile device won't be able to insert or view details. Therefore, one point failure has drawbacks. Admin must manually add diseases to the app. The patient must wait until the doctor confirms the appointment.

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