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Hourly Bicycle Rental Android App

This Android app allows users to hire or borrow a bicycle from a place and then return it there. For future bikers without a bicycle, cycling schools also use this Android app. There are three modules in this application: Admin, User, and Cycle. Admin may sign in with their credentials. By including a name and a map pointer, they can manage cycling stops. Additionally, the administrator can manage the bikes by adding, changing, and removing new bikes. They can also view the motorcycles and their current locations. Admin has access to the history and specifics of rides.

They can also see user information. Using credentials, a user can register and log in. The user has the option to alter their profile and password. The user can reserve a cycle and check the status of current rides. The user can view the book and cycle list. They can also look up pickup information. The user can view information about upcoming, past, and reserved rides. They can look for drop sites, leave the cycle there, and then complete the journey. Cycle accepts credentials for login. They'll transmit updates on their location.

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