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Hygiene is the most wish for every human being especially we as person. After establishing the way, we can clean our bodies and safety for our property. We set the way of disposing the residues from food we eat and unused properties like tables, chairs and clothes. The way all of those residues treated cannot be the same because some have long lifespan others not. Some of it may become the source of natural fertilizer. Some of us have specific place for disposing waste materials as garbage. If the specified place finished it will cover large place. This happen especially when the cleaners delayed to come and collect all of the waste in regular time. This may cause bad hygiene at home since you use large scale as garbage.

Nowadays there exist problem of skipping some houses because of losing their presence or knocking without answering. This also may cause some people make garbage everywhere they wish so that to control it and making some fertilizer become difficult.

As software developer, we proposed the system that will provide the calendar that show the time the cleaner will Passover the house collecting those wastes. For those who are not around will put it out of their gate so that the cleaner will take it over there. In addition, the system will show whether the waste collected or not. This will provide good hygiene at home and help in production of natural fertilizer for the whole country

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