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Platform for Advertising and Selling Furniture

When you want to appear clearly, you go to the top of the tower. This show us that if your activities shown everybody know that. Advertisement is one of the best way that you can use in order to show the whole word that you are doing the specific thing. This is the way especially used in commercial as a picture, short film, song, etc. which tries to persuade people to buy a product or service. The way of using megaphone in advertisement does not attract more people as long as it does not show any proof for what they are talking. This also require much energy for walking and talking. This also require much money for transport and fringe for those who use their oxygen and energy in talking and walking.

The systems that currently used are local. People that engaged in advertising nowadays do not cross the borders because it is costly to pay for a flight without knowing whether the path you are going to pass will give you quick return. In addition, this will be usual act.

Advertising on television or radio station may have guaranty. This may charge you high cost because by the time your guaranty ended without reaching your expectation you pay again. This may cause your business to fall down in case cash flow out than flowing in.

As a solution of all of those problems occurred in publishing man’s activities, we tried to build a platform for advertising and selling called advert and sell platform. This platform will help every person who need some materials to get them at any placed shown from the system when observing the material.

This system will help those who want to the price of the materials for different purposes including market research, finding the nearest place to find the materials with low price and many more.

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