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Friend indeed is a friend in need; this means that a friend who helps you when you really need help is a true friend. The same as employment, when someone is paid to work for a company or organization it is like a help come in real time. As the youth who has energy and time for working without being tired, there could be place where they will found information about work that match with their abilities.

The youth as person who have strength, there are so many opportunities that comes over them but because of losing information about that, the opportunities pass without taking people it comes looking for. This make the opportunities creator think that there are no youth belong there.

The youth who is not employed, work job that cannot satisfy their basic need. This will force them to create their own source of money that can be illegal base like gambling or thefts. This will result to the insecurity in the region they live in. it will also be the source of disharmony because the old generation think bigger than those young one try to protect the younger one or the child and then create conflict as the source of disharmony. Others become bitches because they do not have other source of money, which will produce high population and diseases like HIV/AIDs.

Poverty rises in direct proportion to the growth in the number of young people without jobs. The Millennium Project will also fail as a result of this because the country views its youth as its most valuable resource. The nation cannot currently take on debt for future projects. Sometimes, young people who have been studied and have completed their courses will.

As the solution for this strong problem most of the country of under Sahara desert facing with, as the developer, we developed a platform for the youth that will follow the grow up of the child until she/he get into youth period. This platform will provide message to the youth that notify them the coming opportunity and show the place of issue. This will be the solution for the youth who got opportunity of working abroad and did not recognize it. Ii addition, it will try to solve the problem of the youth who work job that is not related to their skills.

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