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Matrimonial Portal Project Php

This online matrimonial portal was created to help people identify suitable spouses based on their priorities. The adage "Marriages are formed in heaven" can now be rephrased as "Marriages are now made online" because to this project. This program lets you go through the profiles of other on-site registered users. An individual must provide information about themselves, including their name, gender, religion, caste, marital status, current income, and occupation, as well as the ability to upload a photo of themselves and their profile. The person looking for a partner can register and check through profiles to find someone who meets their needs.

With this software, users can search by gender, age, religion, caste, and marital status. It provides someone the ability to read their profile, which is given top priority in certain castes. A person can choose a profile based on their needs and send an email expressing interest. The email will also include the sender's information. In accordance with the priorities stated, this application enables users to allow others to view their profile as well as their own profile.

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ONLINE LAWYERS SERVICES Management Information system

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Platform for Advertising and Selling Furniture

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